Last week we told you that T.I.’s 10-year-old son, Domani, was following in his dad’s footsteps by becoming a rapper. In this video filmed by MTV News, Domani corrects bloggers who incorrectly called him G-Money — it’s D-Money. Domani gets tripped up in a cute exchange with his playful dad over the spelling of his name.

Then D-Money gets down to the serious business of spitting a few bars for MTV. And what does the son of the King rap about? His money, of course.

    Big bank rolls got my pants lookin’ silly
    Lil Wayne I’m illy and I got that milli
    Step up in the building,
    You see money flying everywhere,
    Wall full of Prada’s,
    So you know I’m buying every pair

Domani and his older brother Messiah, 11, are the sons of LaShon Dixon (T.I.’s first baby mother).

Source: Miss Info