The shocking story of child sexual abuse running rampant in a LA elementary school has taken on a new twist. The Los Angeles school superintendent removed 88 teachers and 40 support personnel — the entire staff — at Miramonte Elementary School after Mark Berndt, 61, and another male teacher were arrested for sexually molesting children.

Martin Springer, 49, was arrested on Friday for allegedly fondling two girls at the school where the student body is predominately Hispanic. Springer’s arrest occurred a year after Berndt was removed from the school for feeding his body fluids to his students in a bizarre “tasting game.”

Child molesters frequently choose careers in the education or child care fields to gain access to innocent children. Public schools, in particular, have gained a reputation for being a safe haven for child sex predators.

The move comes after three dozen parents and supporters protested in front of the main doors of the school earlier in the day, some carrying a banner that read: ‘We the parents demand our children be protected from lewd teacher acts.’

Their outrage comes after teacher Mark Berndt, 61, was charged with carrying out lewd acts on 23 children who were aged six to 10. He allegedly blindfolded the students in his classroom and fed them his semen with a spoon. Children were allegedly told it was a ‘tasting game’.

Teacher Martin Springer, 49, was arrested on Friday – just four days later – on suspicion of fondling two girls in his classroom.
An entire staff has been trained to come into Miramonte’s classrooms to take over teaching for the time being and there will be a psychiatric social worker in every classroom to help students and staff cope with any issues.

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