In last night’s episode of VH1’s ‘T.I. & Tiny: family Hustle,’ Tameka “Tiny” Harris and her fiery hair stylist, Shakinah, decide to go into business together after Shakinah comes up with a prototype to dry their clients’ weaves faster.

The prototype involves using drinking straws to “direct” the flow of heat directly to the scalp. Of course, Shakinah’s “invention” is laughable, but reality shows wouldn’t have an audience if it weren’t for gullible viewers who believe everything they see on TV.

Tiny and Shakinah’s discussion about the money aspects of their partnership descends into arguments and hurt feelings. So, in a typical reality show move, the ladies decide to go see a mediator to mediate their arguments.

Also, T.I. goes into the studio with singer Usher to record a new collabo. Hopefully, the finished song will sound a whole lot better than the snippets that we heard.

Watch the full episode after the break.

by YardieGoals