Valentine's Day is the one day out of the year when real men go all out to express their love for their faithful and submissive women. But rapper T.I. doesn't wait for valentine's Day, he expresses his love and gratitude for Tiny all year 'round. So what does a man give as a Valentine's gift to his wife who already has everything? Why not give her roses that are taller than she is, that are only grown in specific parts of the country and must be flown in on ice?

In addition to the flowers, T.I. also hired a musician to serenade Tiny at an intimate dinner at home. And he filled the house with flowers, as well as gifts from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and other high end shops. Isn't LOVE Grand? :yes:

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According to sports groupie, Stiletto Jill:

Floyd posted on Twitter Monday night that the only reason why Knicks breakout star point guard Jeremy Lin is getting attention is because he’s Asian. I’m going to attempt to play advocate for Floyd for a second. There are a very small number of Asians in the league. That’s true. Obviously Yao Ming was a superstar. There was Wang Zhi-Zhi, Sun Yee and maybe a handful of others.

I agree with Floyd and Jill. I'm glad I don't live in New York where the media overhypes everything. I watched Lin play and I don't see the big deal. He is a typical ball hog who misses more shots than he hits, rather than passing the ball to the open man.

Judge a player by his season stats, not over 6 games against weak opponents.

“When a person disappears without a trace, often the most critical information is hidden in their actions and words in the days before they vanished,” says the narrator of ID Channel’s TV series ‘Disappeared‘.

According to the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office, Stacey Nicole English, who was reported missing in December, died of hypothermia. Her death has been ruled accidental.

Hypothermia is a clinical term that means prolonged exposure to external cold temperatures, which causes internal body temperatures to drop dangerously below normal.

"Based on a combination of information sources including the autopsy, the sequence of events and circumstances, toxicology results, medical and mental health records, and statements of witnesses and acquaintances, the most likely cause of Stacey English’s death is cold exposure complicating underlying neurological and psychiatric disorders," the statement reads.

The Atlanta Journal reports that "English's badly decomposed body was found, nestled in a hole created by an uprooted tree, on Jan. 23 by two men searching for scrap metal." Her body was found less than a mile from where English's Volvo was left abandoned in a business park near Lakewood Amphitheater. The Volvo's engine was still running when police found it.

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According to Radar Online, "Bobby Brown is expected to be in the pews Saturday at an invitation-only memorial service at Newark, New Jersey’s New Hope Baptist Church for his ex-wife Whitney Houston, despite the bad blood brewing between he and the singer's family."

When reading the various gossip blogs, it is important to have a good dose of common sense so you don't believe everything you read.

For example, there was a rumor that Whitney's mother, Cissy Houston, banned Bobby from seeing his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, in California. I guess it didn't matter that Cissy Houston was in New Jersey, not California.

That rumor was floated hours after Bobby himself released a statement to ABC News asking for privacy for his daughter, whom he said was "doing much better." So obviously they have been in contact.

Actress Gabrielle Union and playwright/director Tyler Perry attended the Premiere of his "Good Deeds" film at the Regal Cinemas L.A. Live in Los Angeles, yesterday. Also attending the premiere were actresses Thandie Newton, Rebecca Romjin; rapper Flo Rida, former supermodel Beverly Johnson, and more.

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It is a well-known fact in the music industry that pop icon Whitney Houston was involved in a long term lesbian relationship with her personal assistant, Robyn Crawford, before she met Bobby Brown. It was whispered that Whitney and Bobby's relationship was initially arranged by her record label to dispel the persistent lesbian rumors.

In addition to introducing her to Bobby, Houston's tomboyish image was also revamped, and she was asked to wear wigs, in an effort to soften her image and make her appear more feminine.

According to the Daily Mail, gay rights activist Peter Tatchell said her marriage to Bobby Brown was a smokescreen.

"It’s important to tell the truth about this aspect of her life," he told the Daily Star.

It's a well-known fact that Whitney's lover, Robyn, and Bobby often clashed over Whitney's increasing drug use. Friends say Whitney was into drugs before she met Bobby, but once they got together, her drug use escalated out of control.

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The Grammy Recording Academy saw fit to reward troubled singer Chris Brown with a trophy on Sunday. But that doesn't mean he has been redeemed in the eyes of the industry.

Rihanna's management has reportedly urged the singer to keep her distance from the techno junk singer.

"Her management don't want Rihanna's career to suffer. She seems to be out almost every night and people fear it's no coincidence that she and Chris have turned up at the same venue more than once," a source told Closer magazine.

"Rihanna seems to still feel a connection with Chris ' even though he has a girlfriend."

Rihanna's team are reportedly becoming increasingly worried about the star. Insiders say they are pleading with the beauty to take time out of the spotlight.

"She seems to have forgotten what a toxic relationship she and Chris had, and calls him the love of her life. People are becoming increasingly worried," the source added.

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Lesbian rapper Syd The Kyd has come under attack by gay advocates for being homophobic.

In a recent interview with Out Magazine, Kyd stood by her fellow Odd Future band member, Tyler The Creator, who has been criticized for his anti-gay rap lyrics.

"Most of the homos I know use homophobic slurs, and it's never a problem unless someone who's not a part of the group is using the word," Syd says. "But a lot of people take things out of context, and you've got to understand that there is a difference between saying, ‘Hey, you faggot' and 'Hey, faggot.' When Tyler says 'faggot,' he's not referring to gays, he's referring to lame people. And in our vocabulary, that's what the word 'faggot' means. I'm not offended by the word 'faggot' — and I am one."

This didn't sit well with Mindy Abovitz, editor of Tom Tom Magazine, who recently canceled a piece on Syd after taking offense at Kyd's music video in which she tossed her lesbian lover out of a moving vehicle for falling asleep.

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Cartoon rapper Nicki Minaj covers VIBE magazine's Feb/March 2012 issue. The magazine hits newsstands this week. Minaj is still reeling from the fallout of her controversial appearance on the 54th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday.

VIBE: You were heavy on the fashion scene last year around Fashion Week with Anna Wintour. Do you feel like you’ve been accepted by the fashion world?

NICKI MINAJ: Yeah, I realized more recently that even if it’s for a fashion magazine, I’m not gonna change who I am. When I was doing photo shoots last year, I kept on being told, “This is what we want your hair to look like and this is what we want you to look like,” and it really, really stifled my creativity. So the other day I was talking to a photographer, and he said, 'You know what, I like your everyday looks so much better than when you do photo shoots for magazines.' And I was like, 'So do I, you’re absolutely right.' I’d been getting more and more frustrated for a while. But I’ve made up my mind that when you see a Nicki Minaj magazine cover from now on, it’s really going to reflect me and it’s going to be something that I creatively had a hand in, because I don’t have to do it anymore. I don’t have to do things just to please people. It’s okay to do what I love because what I love, my fans love. And they’re really the only ones that should matter. The fashion world will have to come to Nicki Minaj, as opposed to Nicki Minaj trying to go to the fashion world.

Source: Rap Radar is reporting that Whitney Houston's family asked the city of New Jersey to cancel plans for a public memorial at a 18,000 seat arena. The family plans to hold a private viewing and invite-only funeral for family and friends on Saturday, Feb. 18, at New Hope Baptist Church.

A rep for the Mayor's office tells TMZ, "The Houston family has no plans to set up a public viewing at the Prudential Center this Friday" -- despite several reports claiming there was going to be a massive public ceremony ... in addition to previously-scheduled private funeral arrangements.

The rep claims the family specifically asked the city NOT to plan a memorial event -- adding, "In compliance with the family’s wishes the city is not moving forward with any public ceremony."