According to Huffington Post, a writer is so incensed that Rihanna went back to Chris Brown -- he is offering $1,000 to anyone who inflicts serious bodily harm on Brown.

From HuffPo:

Violence never solves anything, but that didn't stop a writer named Kevin Seccia, from offering a $1,000 prize to the first person who beats up Chris Brown.

In a blog post, Seccia wrote that Brown "is a horrible human being," and argues that he doesn't even pretend to be sorry for "brutally assaulting and threatening to kill a woman," and shows no awareness of what he's done. For those reasons he's offering the cash prize to the first person to deliver documented proof that they hit Brown with "at least two solid punches." For legal reasons, Seccia writes that his offer is partially a joke, but he seems serious about wanting some karma to come Brown's way.

Another high-profile hater is country singer Miranda Lambert. She was one of the first to express her disgust at Brown's performance at the Grammys and got caught in a Twitter feud of her own with the 22-year-old R&B singer. Brown responded directly to Lambert with a sarcastic tweet: "Using my name to get publicity? I love it! Perform your heart out! Go buy Miranda Lambert album! So motivational and 'PERFECT'!"

Lambert doesn't seem to want to drop the issue anytime soon. At a concert on Thursday in Amherst, Mass., she spoke out against domestic violence. "I just have to speak my mind, because where I come from, beating up on a woman is never okay. So that's why my daddy taught me early on in life how to use a shotgun."

Watch wrestler CM Punk's video message to "cowardly little boy" Chris Brown after the break!

  • lovezoe

    Messy messy. Alabaster folks are something else. In other news Pilar Sanders- :coffee:

  • FeFe Fenty


  • shakura80

    This is over boring!!! If Rihanna dont care any more why is everyone and their mama care so much? Its obvious she dont care what anyone thinks :rolleyes:

  • OutsidetheBox

    Karma is like quotations, satire and sarcasm on the internet...nobody knows how to use it. :no:

    And do they understand that if a man hits Chris Brown its not DV 9a misdemeanor) like if it was a lowly woman.. :no: Its becomes a felony then, so they wont get CB's "paltry" punishment...

  • GAGIRL87

    Who gives a f*uck if she went back chit sometimes life is the BEST teacher let her live her life. Chit I don't giva fugggggggggg :coffee:

  • mistarie

    :yawn: Funny, I don't recall all of this hatred when Woody Allen married his damn DAUGHTER. Or when Charlie Sheen beat up his wife. Or when... Oh, I forgot...wrong color. :coffee:

  • FeFe Fenty

    I'm not an advocate for any of this chit, but I'd really LOVE to know what more and what else Chris needs to do to show "awareness" of what he's done???? #honestquestion :shrugs:

  • Sandra Rose

    @ GAGIRL87 you'll be sorry when you see Rihanna in her coffin on the cover of the National Enquirer.

  •!/Birdshu Bird

    And this makes him better than Chris how? I'm sure what he did is not legal so he's the one who needs to be watching his back.

  • Ms. Everything

    And this writer needs to be investigated and charged with conspiracy to commit assault or something (I'm not a lawyer) cause best believe if Chris made even a joking reference to beating anything up, he'd be in handcuffs before he could even log off the damn computer :coffee:

  • FeFe Fenty



  • Ms. Everything

    :cosign: @Mistarie

  •!/Birdshu Bird

    lovezoe says:

    In other news Pilar Sanders

    What Pilar done did now?

  • anw_rootbeer

    Y isn't anyone mad at RIH?? just saying!! i love em both! hopefully Chris will end up like Mike Tyson and 20 years from now, we wont care, he beat Rih ass way back when

  • The Makeup Maven

    :cosign: @ Mistarie!

  • BigCityGirl

    This is getting waaaaaaay out of hand! IDK whose idea it was to collaborate, but it WAS NOT a good idea. (especially the lyrics to birthday cake)Rihanna looks STUPID for lowering herself by obviously getting back rapped up with Chris Brown and helping him make $$$$ AND Chris Brown looks EXTRA stupid by even giving this girl the time of day. I guess he forgot tha he is still on probation and his BRAND has been tarnish. This is not "cute"! WHERE ARE THEIR ADVISORS?????

    Its apparent that neither one have learned the lesson....this is not going to be good...smh

  • anw_rootbeer

    Bird says:

    lovezoe says:

    In other news Pilar Sanders

    What Pilar done did now?

    They say she filed a $20 or $200 mill law suit, but I aint the one to gossip, so you aint heard it from me...

  • MissHarlem

    I wonder if Breezy have any more semen left in his body because they are surely sucking the chit out of it his d!ck. See that bridge over there...... :coffee:

  • MzTisch

    This Miranda Lambert bish been coming at Chris since he won his Grammy. She said something that night, and has been continually been throwing jabs at him. She held up a sign at one of her concerts (or someone else's) and it said THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE CHRIS BROWN OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT!

    Chris has responded to her raggedy arse without crass and without being the arsehole I'm sure he can be......

    They doing too much.....

  • GAGIRL87


    Sandra Rose says:

    @ GAGIRL87 you’ll be sorry when you see Rihanna in her coffin on the cover of the National Enquirer.


    :stop: she's GROWN us sitting here talking about what she needs to do doesn't matter b/c at the end of the day she's gonna do what she wants :shrugs:

  • lovezoe

    Pilar suing for 200 MILLY claiming Deiondra and Deion have convinced her she is a gold digging ho :rofl:

  • screwball69

    She just wants Chris to spread them legs and knock her cervix to death. :coffee:

  • Tainted_Love

    This is the type of ish that makes me mad....I swear I hate to generalize but white folks are quick condemn a black man and hang his flaws over him forever but they are so quick to idolize and promote a white person that does the same actions...ex. Charlie Sheen, Robert Downey Jr...I'm not a fan of Chris Brown and I don't if you don't like him don't support him. No need to promote violence!

  • Ms. Everything

    Somebody (not Chris) needs to chop Miranda Lambert in her cheating ass throat... and then proceed to do the same to every other random person who comes out the closet 3 years too late getting at Chris over this old ass mess

  • NaijaGal

    @MzTisch I don't even u/s wtf Miranda's issue is...she should be worried about her own karma for getting with a married man

    MissHarlem :cosign:

    Like I've stated before I hope all these people live in steel houses and their closets are pure as the driven snow

  • MzTisch

    Tainted_Love says:

    This is the type of ish that makes me mad….I swear I hate to generalize but white folks are quick condemn a black man and hang his flaws over him forever but they are so quick to idolize and promote a white person that does the same actions…ex. Charlie Sheen, Robert Downey Jr…I’m not a fan of Chris Brown and I don’t support…so if you don’t like him don’t support him. No need to promote violence!



    They worship Elvis who was a pill-popper and dayum near a Chester (how old was Priscilla when he started dating her?)

    Or how about Jerry Lee Lewis who married his own cousin who happened to be 13?

    Or how about Marilyn Monroe who was a pill-popping harlot who slept with married men?

  • Tainted_Love

    As other has said she is a home wrecke....not to mention her husband did a Glen Campbell tribute at the Grammys and Glen knocked his ex's teeth out and beat her to death nearly

  • MzTisch

    I don't condone what he did.....but it's like they want him to suffer for the rest of his life for a mistake. A stupid mistake he paid for dearly, but a mistake. What about second chances? What must he do to redeem himself in their eyes? Kill himself?

  • Tainted_Love

    @MzTisch Exactly..! They treat them as if they were golden!

  • MissHarlem

    NAIJA the chit is pathetic :rolleyes:

  • cheeks8683

    All I have to say is people really need to get some sort of extra cirurricular activites going on...its not that serious...

    Since we are in desperate times, folks have been known to do some crazy ish for a buck i.e that dude that got that Charles Barkley tattoo...but please believe if they do touch Chris the $1000 reward may not cover the trip to the emergency room, he does have body guards...Plus the body is not above throwing ish...#gmablowup

  • Genia

    Sooooooooooooooooooooo, what do people think is happening here...

    You think Chris went to RiRi, hit her over the head, put her in the trunk of his car, drove her to his studio, told her he would smack her up (again) if she didn't get on his track...he then put her back in his trunk, took her to HER studio and told her he would dot that eye (again)if SHE didn't allow HIM to get on her TRACK?


  • capricorn83

    Sandra, I swear you must have Chris's name set on a Google alert or something...

    This writer, Miranda, and all those who care more about the fight than Rih need to have a row of seats _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ #getyalife (Tamar voice)

  • spongebobfan

    the way the talk about cb is reason why convicted felons are often repeat offenders. noone gives people a 2nd chance some(not all) never get a chance to redeem themselves, to be a asset to society. cb lucky he can make a living still (another ex is mike vick)

  • SamYell JacksEm

    Yt folk been going wild with the blatant racism since Obama got in office.

    If this dude wants to see CB stomped out he should do it himself. It makes him seem like more of a bytch to offer some dough to someone to carry out HIS wish. Stand up for your own ideals, toughguy.

    Reminds me of when that yt dude punched the Kanye cutout on SNL for Taylor Swift when he didn't do shyt when the incident happened and he was there.

  • Genia

    AND isn't that a terristic threat anyway? IF some IDIOT acts on this...for a $1000.00 ..Will this dude be held this not premeditated?

    So the end result is CHRIS needs to be harmed if not KILLED...? Humans slay me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What damn irrational idiots!!!

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    smh this chit is getting out hand :no: folks need to really get a dag gone life, u think I will spend money on this ninja to have him beat up , the fu*k :rolleyes:

  • chilldude10

    That writer should be put in jail for that offering, that's like putting a hit on someone...why even promote this shit? Rihanna is a grown woman she answers to no one but her GOD. I love how everyone is assuming their back together, this is such a publicity stunt.

  • Ms. Everything

    One thing I've noticed is (some) people are quick to say a man who hits a woman wouldn't fight a man but something tells me Chris ain't one of them. I feel sorry for any dude that runs up on him, it ain't like he's a small guy who's by himself all the time. Chris is tall and not as skinny as he used to be, plus he always has at least a couple negros with him wherever he goes :no: that wouldn't end pretty and no jury/judge would convict him for defending himself either

  • therapist1911

    Where are we as humans? I truly question our existence!!!

    As why post this on your blog? What accountability do you have Sandra for promoting violence. People need to be careful with the power they possess....

    Concerned about Rhianna "drug habit" or if Beyonce "birthed" Blue need to focus on your souls

  • lady_cn

    lovezoe says:

    Pilar suing for 200 MILLY claiming Deiondra and Deion have convinced her she is a gold digging ho

    All I kept hearing when I read that was Katt Williams saying, "It's called self-esteem bish. It's esteem of your m-f'ing self!."

    She's stupid as heyul if she thinks that argument is gonna fly in court.

  • YSoSrs

    Dumb sht. :coffee:

  • SunnyK

    In No mean and Im saying hitting her was Right....and I am DEF A Rihanna fan...But BISH Not perfect Nobody knows what happened in that car for her to Get that ass whuppin! Females wanna be acting Tough sometime you gotta slap em while driving stick shift *shrug*

    and Rihanna is Perfectly fine with her decision so i wish all these people would just shut up! Got nerve to Judge chris brown like they died for His sins! *Sips Chill*

  • Eazy

    She just wants Chris to spread them legs and knock her cervix to death
    :ido: as well :kona:


    :yawn: This pink toe Miranda can have several seats in the back of a crowded stadium and the greasy haired wrestler can join her :coffee:

  • £ the commenter formally known as Hershey

    Was Miranda Lambert a somebody before she hopped her ass on the. I hate Chris Brown band wagon? Was the bytch taking time out in her concerts before chriahnna gate happened to discuss DV? After Chriahnna broke up, and he satisfied every legal obligation, was she so outspoken on DV? I feel that if Riri wanted to be saved, she'd stay away from him, if being abused again is the lesson she has to learn, the so be it. Not even the court system, can keep them apart. All her family and fans can do is pray for both of them.

  • £ the commenter formally known as Hershey

    Sandra Rose says:

    @ GAGIRL87 you’ll be sorry when you see Rihanna in her coffin on the cover of the National


    Will you be sorry that Sandra, considering you stay posting negative comments about her? Just wondering



    I doubt it considering she would even type that. :rolleyes:

  • I Go There

    Oh lawd... this crazy shait

  • Ms. Everything

    Hershey she did a song about a woman killing the man who was hitting her and then decided that Chris winning the grammy was the perfect opportunity for her to promote that ish. That's why she she keeps saying gunpowder and lead :coffee: it's a publicity stunt but even the anti Chris people keep bringing up the fact that her husband was married when they got together, married/married not separated/married and he just did a damn Glen Campbell tribute

  • Bonnie

    Please, Please Please! Let this go. They are two CONSENTING ADULTS. If she chooses to go back to him then that is her choice. I am not saying that I agree with it but it is her choice. Men put hands on women EVERYDAY( alot worse than Robyn)! Why are they targeting him? He did what the law required him to do. What more do you want? We need to be worried about all these other women that are getting abused and have no where to go instead of a multi- millionaire who has made a CHOICE.

    This maan is offering money to have someone assaulted, which is illegal, and people have no qualms about it. What if someone takes him up on this offer and someone seriously injured, What then? People need to think before thay act. We live in a society where we have become
    desensitized to the violence that goes on around us.

    I guarantee that everyone who has something to say knows someone who is or has been abused and they are not posting videos threatening to have a person assaulted, or offering rewards to have theat person assaulted. These sre the some of the same people that will tell you in a heartbeat that they christians. This has become utterly ridiculous. If that woman wants to stay then there isn't anything anyone can do.

    Now I need to go back to work!

  • Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:)

    :rollseyes: get a life bud. let CB be for goodness sakes.

    #attnwhoremuch :coffee:

  • £ the commenter formally known as Hershey

    So she's another opportunist? Figures :coffee: and ::yawn: she needs to get her F.A.M.E and get off of Chris'

  • Choco aka Hippie

    Chit Im tired of folks talking about CHRIHANNA becuz I think as immature and young as they both are the drugs they are both experimenting with is helping them to become even more narcissistic... I can only imagine what their own pea brains are feeding their egos! Ppl will soon stop giving a fuk about these two as they really aren't all that! :coffee:

  • £ the commenter formally known as Hershey

    @ Choco their pea brains are telling them that their fans need to see them back together making good music and loving each other. I don't care, I just love Breezy's music



  • LittleBigMouth

    I believe this thing is bigger than everyone getting over it, this is clearly racism. I'm not one to
    play that card but I've sat back and observed the shenanigans long enough to suggest this. If all these other people have done their dirt and got their passes because they are either deemed crazy, losers, or on drugs and Chris, who is neither of these things and does not appear to have broken any other laws, been rumored to be shooting up, smoking, or sniffing anything, has apologized every which way and people are still coming at him? I don't care about Chris, don't like his attitude and from the pics i saw of that girls face i was disgusted and im pretty sure no one will ever forget what he did, but this is just too much. Which is why I'm going to go the extra mile and say that people are pissed because this young black man was able to rebuild his career, independent of whether he made a song with rihanna or not, and did not give in and lose himself because of the ridicule which the white folks wanted and that is why they want his head :coffee: racism.

  • LittleBigMouth

    And if it's not racism, it's damn sure at least discrimination...

  • Ms. Everything

    :cosign: @ Little Big Mouth... if Chris was any other race, the whole thing would be nothing more than a blurb after all this time. The fact that they were trashing him online from the second his name was called at the Grammy's is proof of that and if Rihanna was white, his ass would've been really blacklisted or strung up in a tree somewhere. There was an article floating around yesterday about race and celebrity scandals but it was focusing on the fact that people were complaining that NJ had the flags lowered for Whitney's funeral when she was a drug addict, no one will touch the media's response to Chris but it's the same thing. The very response of "he isn't apologetic enough, he hasn't shown remorse, he's angry all the time" is just further proof that this is almost all race related when he doesn't owe anyone other than her an apology and the majority of his pics show him goofing around, most of his tweets have him goofing off... except when people come for him but I digress. This boy and girl need to live their life and hopefully he's smart enough not to let her ruin his second chance because they will not give him a third

  • Jewelz1027

    I'm so over people still talking about Chris Brown. If Rihanna forgives him...why are we still talking about it. I wish them the best!!

  • Lady_L

    therapist1911 says:

    Where are we as humans? I truly question our existence!!!

    As why post this on your blog? What accountability do you have Sandra for promoting violence. People need to be careful with the power they possess….

    Concerned about Rhianna “drug habit” or if Beyonce “birthed” Blue Ivy………you need to focus on your souls

  • redgurlasu


  • redgurlasu


  • elmo97

    MAJOR overkill....It amazes me how people concern themselves with something that does not DIRECTLY affect how they sleep, eat or get rid of it. Show that much outrage over something that does such as the state of this country and how that's going to affect their lives. All I see is that they made a song together, who says they have gotten back together? What proof do we have that she went back to him? If she did then that's on her. If Chris decided to put his life and career on the line for her then that's on him. If they have gotten over it then so should everyone else. People need to build a bridge and get over it.

  • Tertra114

    LMFAOFFFFFFFF!!! Child ALL this time i'd thought he was arguing with JENNIFER HUDSON'S HUSBAND PUNK, cause yall know hes a wrestler too, wow thats how much i payed this story NO mind lol im sitting here like "ok who is this white man, and when is Punk gonna start talking" LOL