In Monday’s special episode of VH1’s reality series ‘Love and Hip Hop‘ titled “Reality Check,” Yandy Smith, aka Don King, confirms our suspicions that she was paid to “play a role” and stir up drama on the show.

Yandy sits down with the show’s messy producer Mona Scott Young to explain the conflict between herself and Jim Jones’ fiery fiancee, Chrissy Lampkin.

Apparently it was Chrissy’s idea to bring Yandy on the show originally. But tempers flared behind the scenes when Chrissy found out that Scott expanded Yandy’s “role” — giving Yandy more screen time than her.

“You were funny, you were charismatic, we wanted to see more of Yandy,” says Scott justifying why she expanded Yandy’s role.

Scott and Yandy illustrate the sneaky, shady back room dealings that go on between certain reality show cast members who kiss the producer’s ass to get more valuable screen time.

As a result, there will be no Love & Hip Hop Reunion show because Chrissy and Yandy hate each other too much to be in the same room together.

The following video clip includes a rant by Chrissy toward Yandy who must have forgotten whose coattail she rode in on.

“B*tch, you on MY show!” says an angry Chrissy.

Watch the clip after the break!

Source: VH1 blog