According to celebrity gossip blog,, the estranged wife of former NBA star Allen Iverson wants him to list all the names of every groupie he has slept with “from the date of the marriage to the date of trial.”

That’s a mighty tall order, even for a professional basketball “playa” like Iverson.

Everyone in Atlanta knows at least one groupie that Iverson has slept with. Given that the population of the city of Atlanta is around 600,000 residents — give or take a hundred thou — that’s a lot of groupies for Iverson’s legal team to hunt down for their government names.

Back in June 2011, Tawanna Iverson told TMZ her split from Allen had “nothing to do with another woman.”

But Tawanna has changed her tune and earlier this month filed documents requesting A.I. “give the name and telephone number of every person other than your spouse whom you have had sexual relations and/or intimate physical contact from the date of the marriage to the date of trial.” Source

TMZ is guessing that Tawana is trying to make Iverson look bad in court. But he can do that all by himself. Iverson has been hit with lawsuits from jewelry and auto companies demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars for unpaid bills.

Sports groupie Stiletto Jill believes that Tawana wants to show the judge who Iverson gave all that jewelry (and maybe a couple of cars) to.

The assumption is that Tawanna wants this evidence to help push Iverson towards a settlement faster. She’s also looking for documentation of any purchase he’s made over $1,000 during the course of their marriage. If you recall, Tawanna accused AI of buying jewelry instead of providing for her and their 5 children. Source