Last night’s episode of Braxton Family Values was one of the best this season, in my opinion. Predictably, Mama Braxton called off her shotgun wedding to her friend, Doc. It’s obvious that she has no deep, emotional connection to him at all. It’s also obvious that her feelings are not being influenced by Dopamine, the brain chemical that makes us all think we’re “crazy” in love. Good for Mama Braxton!

The star of the show, Toni Braxton, introduced her son, Diezel, 9, who commented hilariously on Mama Braxton’s cancelled wedding. “Doc is a good man and I want you to have a good man,” said Diesel, who was diagnosed with autism at age 3. He is smart as a whip!

Yesterday, I posted a photo of the show’s star Toni Braxton, and I commented on her ashy skin on her hands. One of my loyal readers sent an angry emailing slamming me for not realizing that ashiness is one of the symptoms of Toni’s condition, Lupus. I wish I could remember every single symptom of every disease out there, but I’m not that perfect. I certainly didn’t mean to insult Toni in any way. It was simply an observation that I made on a blog.

Loyal reader Sonia Matthews writes:

Not mad or anything, but since your a nurse you should know that lupus causes dry skin. As a fellow nurse I was just shocked you made mention of that, she did just have a flare up. That is all.

by YardieGoals