The Internet is buzzing about Kim Kardashian's generous $200,000 "donation" to charity, which is supposedly double the value of the wedding gifts she received.

But anyone who runs a business knows that charitable donations can be deducted from your income tax. So she really didn't lose a penny.

Kardashian's soon-to-be ex-husband, NBA star Kris Humphries, says Kim's charitable donation is not good enough. He thinks she should give the gifts back too. Humphries was duped by Kim into marrying her for a made-for-TV wedding. The marriage ended 72 days later -- after the taping of her reality show wrapped.


Kris Humphries believes ... Kim Kardashian has NO RIGHT to keep the gifts from their doomed wedding ... insisting every single item should be returned to the guests.

Sources close to the NBA star tell us ... Kris is adamant that gifts from a fraudulent wedding should be returned.

We're told Kris gives Kim props for cutting a check for twice the value of the gifts and giving it to charity ... but he feels Kim should have made the contribution IN ADDITION to returning the gifts.

Kris has told friends he feels the guests were duped into spending their hard-earned cash on wedding gifts ... claiming Kim never intended to give their marriage a real chance.

Kim insists she truly loved Kris and was legitimately heartbroken when their relationship fell apart.

  • yallcrazy

    All this is soo sooo tacky.

    I am no fan of kk, but hey Gooftroop, you better learn the game or the rules next time.

    Settle this in your own home, nobody cares about yall, really :shrug:

    IMO of course :coffee:

  • VDot

    I also think she should give her azz back, but we know that's not happening. :shrug:

  • ryand91

    I feel she should send the gift back, that's the classy thing to do. But nothing is classy about this garbage bag of cottage cheese.

  • FeFe

    Ok, I gotta comment on this real quick...

    This his HOME for me because my dad's ex-girlfriend had a bridal shower and everything and the wedding NEVER fcking happened! I STILL feel like we should all get our gifts back but that chubby chasing bish prolly spent all that money and gift cards and is KEEPING her negligee, etc.

    I think that since they were married for under 3 months that Kim should DEFINITELY have given all those gifts back...but what else do we expect out of this flake of a woman?! :shrugs:

  • lady_cn

    For once, I agree with Kris. The gifts should have been returned. AND if the gifts are kept, why does she get to keep them?

    Why not give him back the gifts his friends gave so that he can do whatever with them and she do the same with her friends gifts. Either way, she should not be keeping all of them. :nono:

  • Roc

    I'm over both of their azzes. Why can't they just fade away into the light?

    Hey Ya'll :waves:

  • I Go There


  • Bad Influence

    oh god not this whore :smack:

  • £ the commenter formally known as Hershey

    I guess discussing this heaux this morning wasn't enough? Off to another site I go, I can't with this shyt another minute

  • yallcrazy

    :waves: Hey Roc

    :yahoo: Ho'borgurgghhhhhhh

    *pulls Hershey by her suspenders back in * :D

  • yallcrazy

    Ok in real life the gifts probably wouldn't go back, BUT in this fake azz e-life she should just have all of it returned in order to move on. They could film it and all that ish :shrug: Let's vote them off the island, or something :lol:

  • Bad Influence

    Ho'Boygahhh! :2dance:

  • LuvMySailor

    She should have returned them.

    At her bridal shower, her Maid of Honor should have written down who gave what gift so each person could receive a "thank you" from the future bride.

    If she had kept record she could have returned each gift.

  • steph L

    IMO, the type of people who attended the wedding probably could care less if she returns the gifts, she gave to charity so move on! Kris was just duped and he's bitter...he should have looked at her track record before he went dribbling down the aisle. Move on fool! :coffee:

  • LuvMySailor

    Kim should have read up on Emily Post's wedding etiquette advice

  • Bad Influence

    @Ho'boygah, I would return them... I wouldnt even feel right keeping gifts for a wedding that barely happened anyways....

    but its obvious from the post this morning that Kim injected each and every one of those gifts into her ass....did u see how lumpy that thang was? *sad face*

  • LadyT

    On topic I got nothing
    :offtopic: what is it that Kris reminds me of in that picture? Planet of the Apes? Megamind? I can't quite put my finger on it...

  • ItsIce

    That mofugga looks like a chimp in that pic

  • JMO

    Kris Humphries and Kyle Korver on the Bulls are the 2 most strangest looking basketball players!!!!

  • Mamacita

    "Kim insists she truly loved Kris and was legitimately heartbroken when their relationship fell apart."


    If you "truly" loved someone you wouldn't end your marriage 72 days after it began. :rolleyes:

  • Afiya

    LOL @ this fool..."wait on it..."

  • EB

    Are the guest asking for their gifts back? I would :coffee:

  • West Coast Chick

    Kim K reminds me of Royce from basketball wives for sodme trange reason..maybe they should hang out..they prolly got alot in common :shrugs:

  • West Coast Chick

    JMO says:

    Kris Humphries and Kyle Korver on the Bulls are the 2 most strangest looking basketball players!!!!

    matt barnes looks alittle awf too :shrugs:

  • EB

    :blink: at Kim k's nose

  • kamadiva

    Gift givers will not be able to get their $$$ back, it is beyond the 30day return policy!

  • jazi65

    which charity did she donate to? the hodashian foundation? the bish should've just donated ALL the gifts to charity.

  • iAmChan

    What's up family...this has been a helluva work day.

    Kim is fake, we all know it. I side with the ball player on this one..with his dumb arse.

  • Daisy

    @steph I agree the ppl who attended and bought gifts knew the wedding wasn't going to last and I doubt they spent their last coins on a gift anyway.

    Kris knew what he was getting into so he gets no sympathy from me. I like Kim and she doesn't get any from me as far as this wedding/divorce drama goes.






  • lovezoe

    Anyone watch GCB last night? Got it on the DVR.

  • KDub

    Kris Humphries and Kyle Korver on the Bulls are the 2 most strangest looking basketball players!!!!
    :nono: ONLY cause Eric Lump Lump Willams and Sam Enemy Mine Cassell are no longer active.

  • KDub

    Shawn Predator Kemp neevah. The NBA usta be a scary azz league. Greg Long Face Oden still technically active tho.

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    Ok Kris its starting to seem like your beating a deadhorse :coffee: But if I was a guest, I would want my gift back, especially from this beesh!

  • NaijaGal

    So the article says 'sources say'...moving on...I actually think Kris is focused on his season to be worried about the shenanigans

    @lovezoe if you see this I watched GCB on Sunday and loved it...seems like a more light-hearted/comedic Desperate Housewives

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    Morning Naija :hug:

  • lovezoe

    Morning everyone!! @Naja :hugs: I am watching it now, I like it so far.

  • NaijaGal

    jenie :hug: hey ma you all rested today?

    lovezoe :hug: & :hug: to minizoe

  • MrUnapologetic

    I have to agree with Kris on this one - GIVE EM BACK - NOW!

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    lovezoe Murnninggggggggggggggggggggggggg :hug: Naija yes I am :yes: ready to rock and roll this am !!!!!! :danban1:

  • lovezoe

    @jenie - How are you!!

  • Bootcampgirl

    Good morning ladies and mrunapologetic :waves:
    Why is my 60 year old co-worker having an e-beef on fb :rolleyes: she has all his and her posts writted down and she is telling my other co-worker about their convo, non-colored people I tell you.
    Anyone watch BGC last night?

  • GeminEyez

    LOL, she technically doesnt have to. It was over 30 days and plus those guests prob dont want them back anyways. I wonder what kind of gifts they received, I for sure wouldnt have been giving up cash tho. lol

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    lovezoe I's just fine :yes: :hug:

  • Shuga Honey

    Translation: My momma wants her linens & things gift card back

    them guests aint hardly stuttin them gifts and kim kardashian aint hardly using them.

  • Shuga Honey

    MrUnapologetic says:

    I have to agree with Kris on this one – GIVE EM BACK – NOW!

    you mean you are agreeing with the "sources" cause kris humphries aint said a dam thing.

  • lisaROSE

    im pretty sure he is speaking on behalf of his side of the family guest list, who arent as blessed as the kardashians guests to the wedding. if i went out of my way to buy her a wedding gift DAM RIGHT I WANT IT BACK !!!!! her guest could proabably careless but u gotta think of his minnesota folks...

  • caligirl

    Ummm I don' buy wedding gifts until 6 - 12 months later. (Technically you have a year) It's just a bad habit, but it's has worked 2 our of 6 times. They divorved or separted before 1 year! :danban1:

  • caligirl

    @Lovezoe - 11 Days :yahoo:

  • cottenkandi

    I don't even know why he cares. I can see why they got divorced. He's just as annoying as she is!

  • Nthabi

    When people realize that Kim K. doesn't give a fugg about what ANYONE thinks of her, and will continue to do whatever the hell she wants to do, then life, as they all know it, will change --- for the better.