Many are wondering why prolific breeder Lil Wayne hasn’t knocked up his most recent girlfriend yet. Weezy has spawned at least 4 children (that we know of) with as many women. But his current girlfriend, Dhea, is not pregnant yet. (Though she could be pregnant and we don’t know it). Wayne and Dhea sat courtside in L.A.’s Staples Center to watch the Lakers defeat the Miami Heat.

Dhea was wearing a sizable rock on her ring finger. Lil Wayne caused a stir on on New Year’s day when he tweeted a photo of that same 10-carat diamond ring. He later tweeted “She said yes.” But Weezy clarified that he was not engaged to Dhea, who holds the honor of being seen in public with Wayne more than his baby mamas.

We can speculate all day on why Dhea isn’t pregnant yet. Is it because Lil Wayne respects her more because she held out longer? Or maybe she is submissive and his baby mamas are not?

Let’s be honest, being submissive to a man requires a woman to surrender her power to him. Most women in our community aren’t ready to do that. It appears that Dhea is just such a woman who is willing to give up her power to Lil Wayne — in return for Louis Vuitton bags and a rock the size of Gibraltar.

Besides that, it take a special kind of woman to date a man who carries a miniature toy skateboard in his back pocket.