The Your Beyonce Fantasies blog found this bootleg cover of EBONY magazine's 50 Finest Hot Stars, Sexy Bodies issue. This can't possibly be the finished product. The cover looks like someone scanned it at low quality. I wonder if EBONY even realizes this cover is in the wild?

  • Ms.Fashion

    YUUUUPPPP!!!! :lol:

  • EB

    My first name is Ebony :coffee:

  • Bad Influence

    What is my bew Kelly doing with her face? The jury is out on this photo...

    And I just want Trey to sit dwn somedamnwhere..

  • Bibi

    :no: Ion like Kelly's face here

    :no: Ion like Trey's anything anywhere

  • FeFe Feminine

    :) Nice! ...oh except for Trey....

  • lashellebelle

    :cosign: w/ Bibi

    Aunty, I saw what you did there.

  • Smonae80

    Hey ladies :waves:
    Hopefully this not the finished product, although Kelly looks good but Trey, I hate when dudes do pouty lips poses

  • KyCakes

    Look at all that taco meat around Trey's belly button :lol:

  • MZ_CARAM3L74

    yea,looks bootleg

  • lashellebelle

    Hey Baby Girl. :love: I saw your post earlier.
    Hope you have a great weekend. I'm throwing a Ladies Night tomorrow at my house & invited Naija.

  • capricorn83

    Kelly should smile in EVERY picture she takes. The "open mouth" look tends to make her look horse-ish

  • FeFe Feminine

    @ my Belle

    It sounds like fun! Have a blast and a good weekend too my dear!

  • ELove

    @Bibi @lashellebelle
    WHATEVER Sexxy they had... IT has been Photoshopped and Air-Brushed OUT Though (Becuz I DON'T SEE Sexxy Here...) :coffee:

  • gypsyeyes

    Wait what happened to that other post?

  • Zoe B.

    Kelly looks nice :thumbsup:

  • Phrozen1der

    Kelly *swoons* :kiss: :love: :hump:

  • Ididntreallymeanit

    I like kelly's swimwear and makeup she shouldn't hold her mouth like that

  • Bibi

    @Elove :yes: I see trying too hard.... :no:

  • gypsyeyes

    What happened to the Zimmerman post?

  • Bibi

    @gypsy it's back..

  • FeFe Feminine


    It's still there, it's just been updated...Zimmerman's bond was revoked...

  • lashellebelle

    @ E Lova- :yes:

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    This is a cheap looking cover :coffee:

  • therapist1911

    maybe i'm an optimistic type of person.....but other than the low image quality I think they both look decent.

  • Ms.Fashion

    therapist1911 says:

    maybe i’m an optimistic type of person…..but other than the low image quality I think they both look decent.


    That and you don't have cataracts Like @BAD!!! :lol: :heart:

    They both look nice to me too. :yes:

  • @NikkeMinxx

    This is giving me JET or photoshop at the amusement park/mall/photobooth. Ion like it. Lashelle, where is my invite? :steer: Naija come pick me up.

  • Femme Fatale

    EBONY magazine’s 50 Finest Hot Stars, Sexy Bodies....with Kelly Rowland and Trey Song on the cover?


    *stomping through the streets with my picket sign in protest*


  • West Coast Chick

    trey looks feminine :coffee:

  • Brownandluscious

    :yawn: Nothin like a sexy body issue in attempt to sale a mag i guess.

  • StillB3lieve

    The cover doesn't look that bad to me.

    Kelly: looks better with short hair

    Trey: :coffee: