The industry is buzzing since word broke that Odd Future singer Frank Ocean came out of the closet. On Wednesday, the 24-year-old songwriter/producer confirmed the rumors with an achingly beautiful letter on his Tumblr page describing his passionate, unrequited love for another male.

The poignant letter contained enough hints for industry insiders to draw conclusions about who the male was. It was obvious to many that Frank’s poetic prose was an open letter to someone in the music industry.

As we know, most celebrities are narcissistic; they tend to fall in love with other celebrities who they believe are on their level.

One loyal reader assembled the evidence which points directly to suspected down low music producer Kanye West. It’s interesting that Kanye is the only person in Frank’s circle who has not praised Ocean for coming out. Isn’t Frank his protege?

Read the email after the break.

A loyal reader who asked to remain anonymous writes:

I’ve worked at a celeb weekly for the past 3 years and have heard various rumblings about Kanye batting for both teams, mostly in reporting from our music editor. I never believed it until Frank Ocean came out and I’m convinced they’re lovers…

–FO’s coming out letter made numerous mentions of summer, capitalizing Summer etc. 1. The G.O.O.D. Music album coming out is called Cruel Summer 2. Kanye’s new movie is called Cruel Summer 3. Kanye looked miserable 7/4 with Kim as the news was about to leak. This is interesting bc France is 7 hours ahead of NYC, and the FO news broke the night of 7/3, and Kanye must have known it was about to break. So, before the news has broken in the US, Kanye’s pictured at Valentino Couture looking miserable and not cracking a smile with KK. coincidence?

4. Revealed blind item on Kanye picking up guys at fashion week

5. Who else has F. Ocean spent so much time with and had to stay friends with in a “professional” capacity as he alludes in the letter?

6. Obviously, this explains where the hell Kim and Kanye came out of. Kanye knew his artist would come out this Summer so around springtime he settles in with a beard to cover him…

7. Jay Z already had his ghostwriter (dream hampton) write something congratulating FO, everyone else has expressed his or her support, so why hasn’t Kanye when FO is his protege?

8. Amber Rose’s $1M for silence payout. On MBDTF Kanye talks about him and Amber “having dirt on each other like ball players” or whatever. THIS is the ultimate dirt! Why would he pay for her silence if the worst thing he’d been up to was getting girls pregnant and paying for their abortions or cheating with Kim? For all we know, *Amber saying Kanye cheated with Kim was part of their paid arrangement*. Who else pays for silence? Gay Scientologists! Nicole Kidman had a stipulation in her contract to say she’d had a miscarriage with Tom Cruise to make him seem more hetero/make their story believable (good luck with that). I think Amber saying anything about Kanye being straight=part of agreement.

9. Kanye references to Summer on MBDTF: “Why we argue anyway? Oh I forgot, it’s Summertime” maybe he was fighting with his girl about being caught with guys….

10. Kanye doesn’t have a cellphone. Probably so he won’t get caught as easily!

spill the tea auntie!


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