A former high school and collegiate basketball star-turned-coach was arrested and charged with having sex with the girls she coaches.

Marquita Adley (pictured), was taken into custody Tuesday and charged with three counts of sexual battery by a custodian on a victim under 18 years of age.

Adley was released on $15,000 bond after spending the night in jail. The West Broward High School girls basketball interim coach is accused of fondling a 16-year-old girl and committing other sex acts on her between April and June at the girl’s house, a teammate’s house and during a road trip.

The girl told police that she engaged in consensual sex with the coach. She said that she did not ask Adley to stop or push her away. But in Florida a 16-year-old can’t consent to sex with an adult.

Police say Adley groomed the girl for sex, telling her not to tell anyone because she did not want to get into trouble. The girl’s father learned about the illicit relationship and reported Adley to the police.

West Broward Athletic Director Jim Darr said he was “shocked” and “sorry to hear the news.”
“As a coach, she did a good job with the kids,” he said. “She worked them hard, taught [them] as she should as a coach [and] she was developing the players that she had.”

It’s odd that Miami Central high school’s former girls basketball coach is a known pedophile, yet she has never been arrested despite complaints to the police. She has tenure (and she’s white) so she’s protected by a system that is apathetic toward white molesters who prey on underprivileged black black students. Even though she is past retirement age she is still employed at Miami Central high school. They call her the female Sandusky.

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