Are you sure you want to be a blogger? The email after the break is just a sampling of the Hate mail I receive on a daily basis. The following email is one of the kinder ones.

A Hater writes:

Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2012 15:53:00
From: Ramona St.Jean
Subject: Drake gay rumor

Hi sandra,

I’m a loyal reader of your website but I don’t get the chance to comment on your posts.

I like your site but I find that even though you want to report sensational items you tend to forget that your posts are about human beings.

Like when you state that Angela simmons vagina smells. Tell me how do you know that. Why don’t you have anything good to say about her. Unlike you she doesn’t have to be so unkind like you to make a living. And make a living she does. You never highlight that she and her sister have their own shoe stores and they design their own shoes, you never highlight that she has been a magazine editor for quite a while either.

Oh and about these gay rumors. You need to stop it. Not every one is gay. I’m sure you have straight friends. Lol. Hahaha. I’m killing myself thinking that you have friends. Bottom line is not everyone is a pussy sucker like you. Sometimes you need to focus on yourself and make it right with God. That’s the ultimate measure of like. Not how you can bring someone down when you yourself aint nothing good to look at. I’m surprise anyone will spread their legs for you.

I believe you hide yourself behind the computer screen and say such unsavory things thinking one day it won’t come back and bite you. Never bite the hand that feeds you sandra and yes you are black.

Loyal West Indian reader
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Some people have nothing else better to do with their miserable lives. Losers. :no: