rejected a wedding because the couple was black. Yes, kids, racism still exists in America — especially in the South. This is not news.

Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson planned to hold their wedding in a predominantly white church in Mississippi that they are not members of.

They sent out the invitations to their wedding, but the day before the wedding their pastor informed them that the predominantly white members of First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs did not want a black wedding performed there.

“I wanted to make sure their wedding day was a special day,” said Weatherford.”

Pastor Stan Weatherford performed the wedding in another church. In response to the media attention, a few church members expressed dismay.

Church member Casey Kitchens says she knew nothing about the church’s decision not to marry a black couple.

“This is a small, small group of people who made a terrible decision,” Kitchens told The Clarion-Ledger. “I’m just ashamed right now that my church would do that. I can’t fathom why. How unfair. How unjust. It’s just wrong.”

This is not the first time a segregated church in the deep south has practiced racism. And it won’t be the last time.

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