Imagine a world without color, where the landscape is stark black and white with muted shades of gray. Imagine a world where everyone looks the same, where there is no creativity or originality; we all dress the same and wear our hair the same. How boring would life be?

Women look to celebrities like Tameka “Tiny” Harris for their fashion inspiration. Others tear her down because they lack self esteem, and Tiny has a life that they can only dream about.

Over the weekend, Tiny’s mom, Dianne Pope, emailed me her response to this poison pen post on a little known blog. The post was written by a miserable chick with too much time on her hands — who shamelessly admits that she lusts after Tiny’s man, rapper T.I.

Dianne wanted me to try and make sense out of a post devoted entirely to the color of Tiny’s hair.

I told Dianne that Tiny’s critics are just miserable, disrespectful and uncultured. These women have no husbands at home which gives them plenty of time to worry about what Tiny is doing, rather than being inspired by Tiny’s individuality or her roles as a good mother and wife.

The truth is that Tiny’s husband, T.I., wants her to add a little splash of color to her own hair. Women maintain a happy home by putting their husbands, children and God first. (Not necessarily in that order.) Don’t hate Tiny because she knows how to keep her man at home.

Read Dianne’s email below. (This post is not open for discussion.)

Dianne Pope writes:

Well, all I can say is Tameka’s hair is very, very expensive. The cost of Tameka’s hair nearly breaks her. They send it to my house, and its very, very high priced and excellent quality. So, I don’t know what they are talking about, and the dark hair is her hair, she has very dark hair. Look at Xscape. Tip likes Tameka’s hair with color in it. [Stylist] Shekinah [Anderson] is a very good friend to Tameka. She’s not just her stylist, she’s always there for her. And Tameka was not brought up in the hood, she lived an upper middle class life. I worked for IBM, the best company in the Corporate World, for 32 years before I retired. And her father [Charles Pope] made lots of money with his Group the Tams. So people should close their mouths. And her dress was picked out by Tip’s people at Grand Hustle. I wish people would leave Tiny alone.

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