Superior court Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane is expected to return with a verdict in the bitter Raymond vs Raymond child custody case sometime today.

My confidential source has uncovered a blockbuster revelation that may tip the scales of justice in singer Usher Raymond’s favor. Apparently, Usher has an ace in the hole that his ex-wife Tameka Foster-Raymond doesn’t know about. Read more after the break!

According to my confidential source:

Over the week, I have been chasing down a lead that involves the judge in the Usher custody case and Usher’s lead counsel and high powered attorney John Mayoue. My source who is a member of the legal community and who is not associated with the current case told me that years ago John Mayoue worked on the re-election campaign for now sitting Superior court Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane’s re-election campaign. My sources stated that he acted as her treasurer and he also had ties to the now defunct law firm of Weinstock & Scavo, where, apparently, there is also a connection.

This past Friday, Usher called Tameka on the phone and said to her “How does it feel to have lost your kids? Your son is dead, and now you have lost the boys too.” He continued: “I will let them know that [they] used to have a mother.” She responded, “How do you know I lost? His response, Why do you think I hired John?” “I hate you!”

What is more interesting is the fact that she recorded his conversation and she never heard such confidence in his voice.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story!

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  • Photos: John E. Davidson/Getty Images North America

    Photos: John E. Davidson/Getty Images North America