Tameka Foster-Raymond’s frustrations boiled over on Saturday when she took to her Twitter page to attack ex-husband Usher Raymond’s girlfriend/manager, Grace Miguel.

Foster-Raymond — who is locked in a bitter child custody battle with Usher — tweeted: “Heck, if was barren, sterile, infertile, I’d probably want another womans sons too..” The tweet was most likely in reference to Usher’s 40-something girlfriend, who reportedly controls every aspect of his life.

Foster-Raymond obviously thinks Miguel is behind Usher’s decision to file for custody. She already blames Miguel for the breakup of her marriage to Usher. But wasn’t Usher the reason behind the breakup of Foster-Raymond’s marriage to Ryan Glover?

Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane is expected to return a verdict in the case later today or tomorrow.

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