Odd Future singer/songwriter Frank Ocean slept on his Detroit fans, and they are hopping mad! Ocean, 24, stood up his devoted Detroit fans a few days ago -- some of them drove from several states away and stood in line for hours just to hear him sing (I don't know why because he sounds dreadful).

Read one disappointed fan's long, but emotional email after the break. This is what happens when you put insecure, narcissistic celebrities on pedestals; they look down on you.

Loyal reader KJ writes:

So on August 1st, Frank Ocean was due to perform at the Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit, MI with the doors opening up at 7 PM. So I made the arrangements, packed my car up and then drove 3 hours to Detroit to get to the concert. I left out for the show early cause I wanted to be first in line and also up front at the show because I love(d) Frank Ocean so much and was ready to jam my life away.

So I got there around 1:30 PM with other fans not showing up until about 3:30 PM starting to line up behind me. But from 1:30 PM until 3:30PM Frank Ocean nor his camp were anywhere in the building. There was no sound check or anything from those two hours I was waiting. So naturally the fans start getting to know each other, talking about Frank, just some idle chit chat as they begin to arrive one by one. About 4:00 PM one of the workers of Saint Andrews Hall came out & told us that the show was postponed and Frank was not going to be performing that night.

Immediately I'm sitting there like this has to be a joke, so naturally all of the fans go to his twitter, Tumblr, and instagram to see if he made a statement about canceling the show, nothing. Many of the fans still stayed around not believing the worker until they put a sign up...

So it was assumed that Frank Ocean was sick because he put this image up on his instagram the night before...

Now here's the issue that I have.

There is nothing wrong with an artist being too sick to perform. We are human, we do get sick. But what I don't understand is if you're so sick what are you on Twitter tweeting nonsense and then posting videos of people doing the harlem shake on your Tumblr?

It's evident you had access to the internet in some capacity and as SOON as you found out you weren't performing, don't you think it would be the correct thing to do to acknowledge your fans and also apologize for having to cancel the last date of your first tour in promotion of your DEBUT album? Because if I'm not mistaken that's exactly what Frank Ocean did when he got sick on tour last year & had to cancel a date in New York in the fall of last year.

Need Receipts? Click Right Here.

So he had the decency to realize the importance of keeping your fans informed last year in the fall but you can't speak on or say anything now?

Oh but this will get better as well. At the end of the day Frank Ocean is not his manager nor his PR so although he technically should have said something, his team should have made a statement or something. So of course I found Frank's manager's twitter: @kellyclancy

And after tweeting her several times she has not replied or said anything about the canceled date when or if it is to be rescheduled or nothing. It seems as though it didn't matter to Frank Ocean nor his team that he canceled this date and that's not fair to his fans nor the people who spent their hard earned money & time that they won't get back. There were people driving from all over the country for this last show and if they would have seen that it was cancelled they could have turned around, cancelled hotel reservations, etc.

It's been three days since the concert & he's said nothing. But low & behold Frank Ocean is in Chicago right now for Lollapalooza with a clean bill of health performing his life away. This whole situation is just too unprofessional and it shows the lack of remorse or care that he had to cancel this show. I loved Frank Ocean, I was a die hard stan for this man.

I bought several copies of the album including the vinyl, I had even took a copy of the album unopened with a marker to try & make an attempt to get it signed but clearly that was a flop. It just makes me livid that he doesn't show any type of care or anything for this situation & has YET to speak on the matter at all.

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    • KayCeiSoul

      I had no idea he was supposed to be here. But then again, I missed New Edition last night too so I'm all jacked up. Did the folks get their money back???

    • Ididntreallymeanit

      I hope they got refunds

    • I Run New York

      Never heard of him until he came out. That move has really done wonders for him.

    • Go-Go Girlie

      The person didn't mention paying, so it sounds like they had planned to pay at the door and there were no tickets sold. They should surely take into consideration that just because a promoter advertises and says that a performer is going to be somewhere, it doesn't meant that they have contracted the performer to do so. Did Frank post on his Twitter or Tumblr that he would be in Detroit? Sounds like they need to be mad at the promoter or the venue.

    • luVn_liFe…

      some of them drove from several states away and stood in line for hours.... :think:

    • bumblebee

      that's messed up. I hadn't heard of him before his coming out either @IRun.

    • Ms. Everything

      No one out of that entire Odd Future whatever they are has impressed me yet. All I see is a bunch of disrespectful children and Frank is older than the rest so I can't even understand his being linked to them. What I do know is I keep waiting to be blind sided by all this "talent" people keep claiming he is and am left shaking my head each time :shrugs: And usually when artists get wind off false promotions or concerts they (or their people) put statements out right away or as soon as they're made aware. False promoters also usually collect their door/ticket fees first before sending people away so this sounds to me like he did in fact flake :no: Another case of an artist getting too big of a head too soon :shrugs: oh well

    • http://twitter.com/#!/Birdshu Bird

      I feel bad for the fan, but there is no way of knowing what really happened. It is very unfortunate that Frank has not addressed issue. Even if he was never booked it's a little disrepectful for him to not even speak on the matter. Ironically I finally found his CD in a little SC town yesterday after searching for two weeks. Its clear that Def Jam didn't expect him to do well. Best Buy in Charlotte sold out of the few units that were shipped quickly and Def Jam has not made another shipment. It almost looks like they are sabotaging him. I haven't gotten to listen to it completely yet but so far its just ok. Definately not what I hoped.

    • GottaBigOne

      New Edition aka Heads of State (featuring BOBBY BROWN, JOHNNY GILL AND RALPH TRESVANT) are going to appear in Brooklyn, New York at a free concert!
      The date: Monday August 6, 2012 before 8:00 PM

    • Tertra114

      Thats what happens when you stan for someone involved with "odd future" :coffee:

    • Ni ni

      I never heard of him either until he came out. radio stations arent playing him on the real r&b, blues stations or at least not where I live. So, I dont know if he can sing or not but sandra is usually on point with her observations. I dont think theres nobody I would stand in line that long to see unless somebody was giving away some free stuff I needed.

    • Ms.Cee525

      I hardly ever comment but, im from detroit and when i read this I immediately knew why he didnt perform. That hall is in the downtown detroit area. And its a small very small hall that used to be a club that had every night. But they stopped because it had been to many killings I'm front of that .so when hie found out what the venue was and where it was located he turned it down.plus less than two weeks ago Rick Ross bus got robbed in Detroit. but he shoulda checked that out before he made that decision. Based on her story it seems like he just backed out ofvit because he was scared.

    • Ms.Cee525

      Excuse my typos, ik using my phone

    • SuthernBelle4

      @ Ms. Everything you hit the nail on the head. I know alot of people think he is "epic" but he doesn't do anything for me, I do like that one song, "Thinking Bout You" and his song he wrote for Lady Bey but other than that I will pass. I am glad that he has fans, but I really don't see what the hype is :thinking: