A Tennessee Rep. claims President Obama will fake his own assassination in the coming weeks to prevent losing the election to frontrunner Mitt Romney.

Before you roll your eyes, read on.

President Obama is feeling the heat from challenger Romney whose poll numbers are equal to or better than Obama’s. It is not far-fetched for Obama to do anything to avoid losing this election and giving up his power.

From Thinkprogress.org:

In an email sent from a government email address in his office, Keisling forwarded along a warning that the President and the Department of Homeland Security are potentially working together to try to implement martial law, heading off an election by pretending the President has been killed.

It’s unclear why Keisling would send to voters such a conspiracy theory based on race-baiting and paranoia, and his office would not offer any comment to the Huffington Post.

The Constitution Party of Florida also has the rumor posted on its website.

It may seem like a conspiracy theory but a number of mainstream media outlets are running the story, including the Huffington Post. So there must be some legitimacy to it.

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