A social studies teacher in North Carolina was suspended with pay for threatening an anti-Obama student with arrest.

Tonya Dixon-Neely, who is black, took offense to the student challenging President Obama who criticized Mitt Romney for bullying when the future president himself bullied an overweight, black girl in high school.

In his best-selling book, Dreams From My Father, Mr. Obama recalled an incident when he shoved the girl and told her to get away from him because Mr. Obama didn’t want his white friends to believe he liked her. At the time, Mr. Obama wrote that he sought to impress his white friends by disrespecting the black girl.

In an excerpt from the book, Mr. Obama wrote:

“‘She’s not my g-girlfriend,’ I stammered. I looked to Coretta for some assistance, but she just stood there looking down at the ground. ‘Coretta’s got a boyfriend!… I’m not her boyfriend!’ I shouted. I ran up to Coretta and gave her a slight shove; she staggered back and looked up at me, but still said nothing. ‘Leave me alone!’ I shouted again. And suddenly Coretta was running, faster and faster, until she disappeared from sight.”

But Neely downplayed the comparisons between Mr. Obama’s insensitivity, and his opponent, Mitt Romney, who was falsely accused of shaving a gay student’s head in high school in the 1950s.

“You will NOT disrespect the president of the United States in this classroom! Not in here!” Neely told the unidentified student.

“As a social studies teacher, I can not allow you to slander any president in here,” she added.

The boy, who recorded the exchange in a classroom at North Rowan High School last week, was verbally abused and chastised by Neely, who displayed extreme political bias towards Obama.

“Do you realize people were arrested for saying derogatory things about Bush?” she yelled at the student.

It is really shocking that a social studies teacher would violate a student’s constitutional rights to freedom of free speech.

“Effective today, Tanya Dixon-Neely has been suspended with pay while a thorough investigation is being conducted,” school officials told WBTV, which originally broadcast the video.

Ignorant, unintelligent teachers like Neely is the reason why our students consistently rank at the bottom of national standardized tests.

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