Could you do a quick analysis of these photos of First Lady Michelle Obama with her husband Barack Obama and tell me if her closed body language indicates tension or defensiveness?

In an interview with People magazine earlier this year, Michelle revealed that her marriage to Barack wasn’t perfect. Since then she seems to be cold and distant to her husband. Especially during momentary lapses when she forgets there’s a camera around — such as in these photos.

Michelle’s non-verbal body language is clear and unmistakable. It’s also an involuntary reaction, meaning Michelle is probably not even consciously aware that she’s repulsed by her husband’s touch.

What could be the problem? I know this probably sounds far fetched, but do you think Michelle really approved of White House social secretary, Desiree Rogers moving to D.C. with them?

Compare Michelle’s closed body language in the above photos with Desiree Rogers’ very open body language with Barack in the photo below.