In 2009, one year after Barack Obama was elected president in a landslide victory, I posted these images of the president and the first lady Michelle Obama together. Body language enthusiasts can clearly see the involuntary signals that Michelle was sending at the time. Her closed body position clearly indicates some discord between the two. But when I pointed the signals out to my readers back then, they scoffed at me.

According to author Edward Klein, whose new book “The Amatuer” is about to hit store shelves, the Obamas once talked divorce.

Klein, who says his book is based on nearly 200 interviews with Obama associates and friends, wrote that Obama confided to friends that they were talking divorce. “Michelle actually had divorce papers drawn up,” Klein writes, citing one of her friends.

The problem? In 2000, after 8 years of marriage, Mr. Obama stubbornly decided on his own to run for the senate in a primary on Chicago’s South Side. But Mrs. Obama forbade him, probably because she knew he was inexperienced. She was right: Obama lost the primary and the couple became mired in debt.

One of the main causes of divorce in America is finances — or the lack thereof. Another major cause of divorce is infidelity.

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