As I told you months ago, singers Rihanna and Chris Brown got back together, hoping to reignite the passion they once felt before he beat and punched her to a bloody pulp in 2009. But even though they remain friends, things didn’t work out for them romantically (Chris isn’t feeling her anymore), and they both went their separate ways. Last night, the former lovers kissed and hugged during the MTV VMA 2012 telecast, but the warm greeting can only be seen in blurry photos uploaded to Instagram.

My source tells me that Rihanna would rush into CB’s arms in a heartbeat — if he would take her back. But CB is happy in his current relationship with the very submissive and laid back Karueche Tran. CB can’t imagine himself going back to an abrasive, loud mouth woman like Rihanna who thinks the world revolves around her.

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