Besides the fact that Beyonce reportedly did not give birth to her 8-month-old daughter, Blue Ivy, rumors spread like wildfire on Monday that Bey was pregnant with a second child.

The rumors started when an overdressed Beyonce arrived at a New York restaurant with her abdomen distended, probably due to the fact that her hormone levels are decreasing with age.

Gossip website claimed to have spoken with someone within Bey’s camp who confirmed her pregnancy.

But according to Access Hollywood, Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles, denied the pregnancy rumors.

“It’s gonna happen when it’s time, but not right now,” Tina told Access Hollywood. “Of course I [want more grandchildren]! I harass [Beyoncé] all the time,” she said.

Tina’s statements seems to indicate that Beyonce is having difficulty finding another surrogate this time around?

“I definitely want to have more [babies],” Beyonce said in a recent interview. “I don’t know how many. God knows I dont know yet.”

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