The full Samuel L. Jackson “Wake the f*ck up” pro-Obama campaign ad has been released. Using Dr. Seuss-inspired rhymes, Jackson uses scare tactics, offensive language, and the aid of one bratty adolescent to badger teenagers, their parents, and even grandparents, into voting for Barack Obama in the upcoming elections.

Jackson tells a teenage boy that Mitt Romney will cut student loans. In another scene, the bratty adolescent explains to her teenage sisters that, under Romney, planned parenthood will be cut.

All of the profanity-laced scenes involve children or teens, and Jackson concludes his rants with the phrase “WAKE THE F*CK UP!”

I can just imagine how the left wing liberals in the media would howl and gnash their teeth if a Mitt Romney lackey created such an offensive ad to support Romney’s campaign for president. I’m surprised that Obama doesn’t appear at the end of this crock declaring “I approved this message.”

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