Bow Wow and his baby mama Joie Chavis were in court Monday fighting over child support payments for his 1-year-old daughter, Shai — on the same day he was named the new host of BET 106 & Park.

According to TMZ, Bow Wow allegedly withheld that pertinent financial information from the judge when he agreed to pay just $3,000 a month in support for Shai.

TMZ reports that Bow Wow told the judge he earns only $4,000 a month as a rap artist on the payroll of Cash Money Records. Bow Wow also admitted he leases a Jeep and has only $1,500 in his checking account.

A judge will rule on Bow Wow’s voluntary offer of $3,000 a month in December. In the meantime, the judge ordered Bow Wow to pay $11,500 in back child support to Chavis, since he has a new steady source of income from BET.

Rappers are known for greatly exaggerating their wealth, when the reality is that they are no better off than the working stiffs who buy their albums.

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