A source who attended Beyonce and Jay Z’s recent fundraiser for President Obama at the 40/40 Club in New York confirms that Beyonce has the hots for Barack.

The source told the National Enquirer that “Beyonce shadowed the president closer than the Secret Service.”

I believe it. It’s obvious that Beyonce has daddy issues which is why she prefers older men to replace her daddy. She also has a thing for men with power and material wealth (which she equates with power).

As you know, the brain neurotransmitter Dopamine is what creates the spark that brings two people together. When the dopamine eventually fades, the highs must be replaced. For some women, the dopamine high is satisfied by cheating — or buying lots of shoes and handbags. For Beyonce, that high is temporarily fulfilled by fantasizing about sleeping with the president.

From The National Enquirer:

“Even when the president was socializing with other guests, Beyonce always seemed to have her eye on him, watching his every move from afar,” revealed a close source.

“She jokingly told pals if they both weren’t married, the president could have been in the running for her affections.”

The highlight of the evening for Beyonce seemed to be when the president told the crowd she was a role model for his two daughters.

“She was overcome with joy and almost hyperventilated,” said the source. “Beyonce told a pal it was a perfect night. She got to innocently flirt with her crush ‘and then go home with the love of my life, my husband.’”

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