FOX News reports that Mariah Carey has given “American Idol” her walking papers following a publicity stunt with rapper Nicki Minaj that went horribly wrong. Minaj, 30, allegedly threatened 42-year-old singer Mariah Carey during recent auditions in Charlotte, NC.

Many believe that “American Idol” producers signed the loud-mouthed rapper and the arrogant singer to boost the show’s sagging ratings.

“When celebrities and role models behave this way on television, it should concern us all,” wrote Dr. Boyce Watkins on

“It seems that black women fighting and trying to murder one another has become the trend of the day, and quite frankly, it’s making me sick.”

Reportedly, FOX can sue Minaj if Mariah quits the show due to threats made, public or private. But this scenario sounds similar to the Basketball Wives cast member Jennifer Williams who filed a fake lawsuit against cast member Nia Crooks for a manufactured fight.

Williams quietly dropped the lawsuit shortly after the season ended.

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