Deanna Nolan and Dorothea Sanchez-Nolan

Last week the news broke about the arrest of former WNBA star Chamique Holdsclaw who took a bat to her ex-girlfriend’s car and fired a handgun into it.

Holdsclaw isn’t the only WNBA player to be arrested for assaulting or threatening her lesbian lover.

Professional basketball player Deanna “Tweety” Nolan, 33, was arrested earlier this year for beating the air out of her wife and mother of her 2 children.

Very little, if any, news coverage was given to the Deanna/Dorothea fisticuffs.

Dorothea, who is Mexican, reportedly found out that Tweety was cheating on her with a Russian hottie while Dorothea was stateside looking after the couple’s 2 children. When Tweety returned to the states, a fight broke out between the women. Dorothea, 37, of Shelby Township, MI, called the cops and Tweety was arrested for, among other things, pulling a gun on her wife. Dorothea took out a restraining order barring Tweety from their home.

Dorothea apparently had a change of heart, but a judge denied Dorothea’s request to drop the restraining order.

Tweety allegedly assaulted her 1st wife, too: professional basketball player Elaine Powell, who is seen in this video punching out a Russian basketball player.

If someone took the time to research the domestic battery cases involving male and female professional basketball players they would probably find more cases of battery involving WNBA players than NBA players.

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