Willy Cartier and Shy'm

According to my west coast connection, Frank Ocean’s new boyfriend, French model Willy Cartier, is dating French singer Shy’m. So does Frank know about this? Or does he not care because he’s dating a pretty boy model who helps boost his low self-esteem? Also, Willy doesn’t speak English very well, so how do they communicate?

My west coast connection writes:

I have some more teas on Willy Cartier and Frank Ocean.

So I’m told they met at fashion photographer icon Karl Lagerfeld’s event. And they hit it off from there. In October, Willy was visiting LA and staying two weeks with friend/French Pop singer signed with Jimmy Iovine, Aria Crescendo. Frank and Willy spent a lot of time together in LA before going to the GQ magazine party together last week. It is quite odd though being that Willy’s English is not that good, French is his first language. So intellectually and communication wise, unless Frank is pretty fluent in French I don’t see how the two converse effectively. And I don’t see Willy back-up dancing for any of Frank Ocean’s songs —->>> Video link

In France, Willy is a well known celebrity, but I’m told he desperately wants to be known in America and become an actor. He is a big fan of Will Smith. Believe it or not Willy had a heterosexual relationship with the beautiful French pop singer Shy’m —->> Video link not sure if he split from her to be with Frank Ocean or not.

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