Frank Ocean and Willy Cartier

My West coast connection sent in these pics of Frank Ocean and his rumored boyfriend, model Willy Carter. It figures that Ocean would prefer the LSLH pretty boy type.

She notes that Frank Ocean posted a photo on his instagram page of Willy’s delicate hands and rings. She believes the photo — taken while the men were at breakfast — reflects the fact that they are dating “or something to that effect.” I agree. What man Instagrams a photo of another man’s hands?

Willy Cartier

Obviously Frank posted the above photo to let the other queens know that HE was out at breakfast with Willy — and they weren’t.

My West coast connect poses the question: “Do you think they are they coming out as a couple? If so, do you think the gay black men will be in an uproar like gay black women are about celebs dating “exotics” instead of their own race?”

UPDATE: Edited to add video of Willy Carter waiting patiently while his date, Frank Ocean, is interviewed on the red carpet at the recent GQ Awards.

Willy Cartier and Frank Ocean

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