Fernanda Meier and Emanuel Boseman The NY Post‘s Tim Donnelly has written another heartwarming story about finding love amid the wreckage of Hurricane Sandy.

“Emanuel Boseman was panicked. He was stranded in a tiny 50-square-foot second-floor storage unit in Coney Island as Sandy pushed ocean waters into the building, completely flooding the first floor.

He stared at his cellphone, which was getting spotty service, and nervously debated dialing his ex-girlfriend Fernanda Meier.

He didn’t know who else to call, but they hadn’t spoken in months. Would she even take his call?”


“Five years ago, it was a hurricane that first brought them together. On a mild October night, Emanuel popped into an Atlanta lounge for a drink; Fernanda was there celebrating two of her friends’ birthdays.

“He walked past me smelling super-awesome,” Fernanda says. “I decided I would follow him to the bar.”

She struck up a conversation, trying to show off in front of the tall, fit guy with long dreadlocks, who had caught her eye.

“I asked him what brought him to Atlanta. All he said was ‘Katrina,’?” Fernanda says. “I didn’t really push it beyond that.”

Emanuel, now 32, saw a birthday cake on the bar and told Fernanda it was his birthday, too.

“She didn’t believe me, so I showed her my driver’s license,” he says.

For Fernanda, also 32, finding a decent guy in Atlanta’s “12-to-1” ratio of women to available men was a rarity.

“He was just a really cool, laid-back guy,” she says. “Speaking with him, I could tell he had read books and had listened to music that didn’t have all curse words.”


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