Glenda and Damian Moore

A Staten Island mother is grieving the loss of her two young sons who were swept away during Hurricane Sandy. Searchers found the bodies of Brandon, 2 and Connor, 4, in marshland about 30 yards from where they went missing Monday.

But Glenda Moore’s story about a large wave ripping the children from her arms is raising troubling questions.

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Moore, 39, a New York nurse, said she was driving her SUV through flood waters in the Great Kills section of Staten Island, when she lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a tree.

Moore told police she exited the truck and removed her two children as wind and rain from Hurricane Sandy pounded the area. In one version of her story, Moore said the fierce floodwaters flipped over her SUV and swept the boys away.

Moore said she knocked on the door of a home but the home owner refused to let her inside. So Moore sat on a step and cried as she watched the floodwaters that claimed her sons’ lives.

She told police she spent the next 12 hours screaming as she sat on a doorstep, but residents ignored her cries for help.

Moore’s story raises troubling questions. Why didn’t she swim after the boys? The water where the bodies were found was only waist deep. Where was she going in the storm? Why didn’t she heed warnings to stay inside? Where was her husband in the 12 hours that she sat crying on the stoop of a house?

This story sounds very fishy.

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