Mayor Kasim Reed sues Lipstick Alley

I would love to see Lipstick Alley’s attorney bills. The gossip forum owners are constantly being sued for slander. It seems that Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is the latest victim of LSA’s resident gossipmongers, who are spilling his most personal intimate bedroom secrets.

Mr. Reed is not a married man — which means he can sleep around with whomever he wants to. But there is a line that even he will not allow others to cross.

Mr. Reed sent his legal goons after the website, which was initially shut down. But LSA found another host to quickly reinstate their Internet presence. Now Reed’s lawyers are going after that new host. The only problem is the law is on LSA’s side in regards to the forum users’ Constitutional rights to free speech — even if that speech is hateful gossip.

Mr. Reed should be applauded for being a black man with a healthy sexual appetite for women, rather than for other men. I mean, this is Atlanta.

From Creative Loafing:

Mayor Kasim Reed, frustrated over scandalous rumors on a gossip website that he says aren’t true, dispatched a high-powered Atlanta lawyer to get the comments taken down. But the website, Lipstick Alley, has balked at the request.

In an Oct. 8 letter to Phoenix NAP (PDF), which hosted Lipstick Alley’s servers at the time, McKenna Long & Aldridge partner — and well-connected lawyer with GOP ties — Randy Evans demanded the company remove anonymous posts on the website’s message board alleging he’s had relationships with multiple women, some of whom work in his administration.

“The statements, representations, and false light published by Lipstick Alley are categorically false,” Evans wrote. “There is no factual basis for them. Instead the facts establish that they are not true.”

Paul Alan Levy, an attorney with Washington, D.C.-based public-interest law firm Public Citizen, told Evans (PDF) that his demands reflect a “woeful ignorance of the facts and law.”

Levy says that Phoenix NAP temporarily pulled Lipstick Alley offline but reinstated it on the condition that the mayor and the website could reach a compromise. Rather than do that, Levy said, Lipstick Alley, found another hosting service. He added that the website was “not willing to conduct any discussions with you in response to your meritless demand” and said the comments would be left online “in perpetuity.”

For those who don’t know, is a message board where so-called “insiders” spread malicious gossip about celebrities and athletes they’ve supposedly slept with. The board was formerly known as (back in the 1990s) until Mr. George forced the new owner to take his name off of the board.

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