Brandon Woodard

When Brandon Lincoln Woodard, 31, of Los Angeles, was shot dead on a busy Manhattan street Monday, investigators almost immediately suspected the murder was drug connected. The NY Daily News reports that LAPD officers confiscated “tens of thousands” of dollars in cash that Woodard was carrying last week. Woodard reportedly flew to New York from his home in Los Angeles to explain the missing cash to his angry drug bosses.

Woodard checked out of the swanky 6 Columbus Hotel in midtown about 30 minutes before he was killed. Police believe text messages sent to Woodard’s phone lured him to the spot where he was executed.

After shooting Woodard at point blank range, the gunman cooly walked away and got into the passenger side of a silver Lincoln MKX. The NY Daily News reports that police have identified the driver of the getaway vehicle and are closing in on him.

The car’s license plate was captured when the getaway driver drove through the Queens Tunnel. The getaway vehicle was located abandoned in Queens on Tuesday. Police interviewed and released the couple who rented the car.

From Daily Mail UK:

Police sources told the newspaper that Woodard may have sent a package from California to his associates in Queens, New York. It’s unknown whether the package contained cash, but if it did, it evidently was not enough to satisfy his angry bosses.

Woodard, 31, was the son of wealthy businesswoman and traveled in elite circles in his native Los Angeles.
He attended top private schools, drove a Land Rover and partied with professional athletes and movie stars – reportedly getting into a scuffle with Usher’s bodyguards once.

Despite his pedigree, Woodard also had a dark side. He has been arrested 20 times – including for robbery and cocaine possession – and friends called him ‘Batman’ because they were never sure what was really going on in his life.

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