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More details emerge about the recent arrest of rapper NBA YoungBoy on federal weapon and drugs charges on April 16.

YoungBoy faces more than 60 charges for impersonating doctors to call in prescriptions to local pharmacies in Utah.

YoungBoy was already on house arrest when he was busted with a gun and drugs in his Utah home.

He was on house arrest in Utah since October 2021.

Federal prosecutors accuse the rapper, born Kentrell Gaulden, of organizing a crew that impersonated doctors to feed his drug addiction.

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According to ABC 4, YoungBoy and his crew acquired pain medicine by submitting forged prescriptions to pharmacies all over town.

The crew allegedly impersonated doctors and called in prescriptions for codeine and the cough suppressant promethazine (“purple drank” or “lean”). The phone calls triggered an investigation after the crew mispronounced the drugs and dosages.

According to ABC 4, YoungBoy allegedly posed as a physician in the Provo, Utah area and provided actual identification for a physician at a clinic. A pharmacist reportedly noticed that the number that was called did not match the number of the clinic. When the pharmacist called the doctor, he said he didn’t call in the prescription. The doctor told the pharmacist that the same thing “happened several times” that day.

Photo may have been deleted

The federal agencies used the rapper’s own social media videos to gather evidence. In one photo, he lay on the floor next to a bottle of prescription pills and a styrofoam cup in an apparent suicide.

YoungBoy faces dozens of federal charges that could land him in prison for life. The father-of-11 is dad to boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s grandson.