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Screengrab, ABC7

A man who moved into a woman’s $1 million home in Queens, NY has been evicted and charged with criminal trespassing and burglary.

Brian Rodriguez was indicted Thursday on charges of burglary, grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property, criminal trespass and criminal mischief.

Homeowner Adele Andaloro made headlines last month when police arrested her for changing the locks in her own home.

Andaloro was led away in handcuffs after she confronted Rodriguez inside her home.

Rodriguez told police he legally leased the house. But Andaloro said he was trespassing along with other individuals.

Andaloro is seen on video arguing with Rodriguez before police arrested her.

Rodriguez previously told the New York Post that he was scammed into “renting” the home with a fake lease drawn up by a fraudulent realtor.

Rodriguez wanted Andaloro to pay him the $18,000 to move out of her house. He claimed the money was for repairs he made on the plumbing, electric work, paint job, and cleaning.

Rodriguez is accused of renting out rooms in the house to other squatters.

Squatting is a problem in many Democratic cities where laws favor the squatters.

1,200 homes have been taken over by squatters in the Atlanta area.