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Allen Iverson Tawanna Iverson in court was in court today when Allen Iverson's attorney informed Fulton County Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane that the former NBA star and his ex-wife, Tawanna Iverson, had reached a divorce settlement. spoke exclusively with Allen Iverson's attorney, Melanie Fenwick Thompson, after the hearing.

"Our client is extremely pleased with the outcome of the case even though we came in near the end of it, we had an uphill battle," she said. "Mr. Iverson showed up ready to actively participate in his case and fight for the things he wanted. I don't know and can't confirm that happened prior to us getting involved."

Attorney Melanie Fenwick Thompson When asked whether there was any apprehensions fighting such a high profile case with so much controversy surrounding it, Attorney Thompson (pictured left) stated "we came to fight and to win for our client."

Tawanna Iverson's attorney, John Mayoue, had no comment. Coincidentally, Mayoue represented R&B crooner Usher Raymond in his bitter child custody battle with ex-wife Tameka Raymond last year.

Iverson filed a motion for recusal last month, accusing Tipton Lane of having "a track record of making biased decisions for contributors." In his motion, Allen claimed the judge’s decision to strip Tameka of primary custody was biased. reported that Judge Tipton Lane denied Iverson's Motion for Recusal. She countered that Iverson did not sufficiently prove his allegations against her.

Both parties through their attorneys told Judge Lane they reached a decision regarding how Mr. Iverson’s 18 million dollars would be divided up as part of their marital assets.

While the specifics of the deal will be kept confidential, both parties appeared to be satisfied with the decision. The couple have a total of five children from the marriage. READ MORE at!

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