Last night, the much anticipated gospel-themed reality TV show, Sisterhood (formerly Preacher Wives), premiered on the TLC network following the debut of T Boz’ new reality show, Totally TBoz.

According to Miss Jia, “the show takes an interesting look into the lives of 5 “first ladies” who stand by their pastor hubbies through thick and thin. Based in Atlanta, GA, the ladies of the show promise to give us a real, no holds barred look into what it’s really like to hold down a household and lead a church by example.”

In an interview with Sister2Sister magazine, the cast members explained the pressure they are under to project the image of a submissive preacher’s wife.

“A first lady has to appear perfect because she sets the standard for the congregation” said cast member Dominique Scott. Her co-star Tara Y. Lewis echoes that sentiment, stating, “When you’re married to a pastor you’re held to a higher standard.”

“If you pull back the curtain and see us for who we truly are, you’d be shocked,” said cast member Ivy Couch, wife of Pastor Mark Couch and, briefly, former member of R&B group Xscape.

Delana Rutherford (Myles Rutherford) and Christina Murray (Anthony Murray) round out the cast.

Several notable (and more famous) preacher’s wives declined requests to join the cast including Vanessa Griffin (Bishop Eddie Long); Taffi Dollar (Creflo Dollar); and Dr. Nina Bronner (Bishop Dale C. Bronner).