Lottery winner poisoned

A Chicago man was fatally poisoned one day after collecting his lottery winnings, NBC News reports.

Urooj Khan, a native of India, died July 20 — one day after he collected a lump sum of $425,000 on a winning $1 million scratch off instant lottery ticket.

Khan, 46, was buried after the medical examiner’s office determined that he died of natural causes. An autopsy revealed that Khan had no physical injuries and no unusual substances in his body.

But one week after his death, Khan’s family asked the medical examiner’s office to take a second look into his death.

The medical examiner’s office examined toxicology reports (not available at the time of autopsy) and determined that Khan died of cyanide ingestion — most likely the poison was placed into his drink or food.

Khan’s death was ruled a homicide on the basis of the toxicology report. The Chicago Police Department is considering exhuming Khan’s body to verify the medical examiner’s findings.

Khan bought the winning ticket at a 7-Eleven near his home on Chicago’s North Side. NBC reports Khan planned to expand his business with his lottery winnings.

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