Nick Cannon

True love is expressed through our actions, not our words. Songbird Mariah Carey demonstrated her love to her husband Nick Cannon when gave him permission to sleep around, or sow his wild oats, before they got married. The couple have twin toddlers Monroe and Morocco.


Nick Cannon hits up the Breakfast club Power 105.1 talks about Mariah and Nicki Minaj……..
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon waited for marriage to consummate their love. You’ll also learn that Mariah was perfectly fine with Nick Cannon sleeping with others while they waited to tie the knot.

The Breakfast Club also discussed American Idol with Nick and he wholeheartedly thinks Nicki Minaj is misrepresenting herself on the show. All of America is watching and Nick doesn’t think it’s the place one should act out just for the sake of acting out.

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