Brawl at foodstamp office

It’s such a shame that we can’t all get along.

CBS Chicago reports that a dispute over a place in line erupted into an all out brawl at an East St. Louis food stamp office, about 294 miles southwest of Chicago, Il.

The fight, which was captured on cell phone video, involved four women punching each other and snatching wigs. The 2 underpaid and overworked security officers on duty stepped in to try and restore order but, you know how our people can be.

It took security 3 minutes to break up the fight at the Illinois Department of Human Services office in East St. Louis, only a few blocks from a police station, according to CBS Chicago.

One of the female combatants refused to leave the office. She can be head yelling “I don’t give a f*ck! Call the po-lice!”

The fight took place in full view of toddlers and adolescents who stood in line with their mothers.

A Illinois Department of Human Services spokeswoman told CBS Local that they were unaware of the video online.

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