Clive Davis Reveals His Bisexuality

Clive Davis is gay. Who Knew? Not once have I heard any rumors that the most famed recording executive in Hollywood was gay. But then again, who wants to imagine a 80-year-old man in compromising positions with another male?

The chief creative officer of Sony Music Entertainment dropped his tell-all autobiography, “The Sound Track of My Life,” in which he discusses his bisexuality, probably for the first time.

Davis, who was twice married, told ABC news he knew he was bisexual after the end of his second marriage in 1985. That’s when he freely threw himself into sexual relationships with other men.

Clive says he slept with both men and women during his sexual renaissance period. But he spent the past 20 years in stable relationships with just two men: a doctor for 13 years, and for seven years with another man he won’t name (probably a celebrity).

“He tells me bisexuality is ‘maligned and misunderstood’ but that it is his truth and he decided it was time for him to say so publicly,” writes ABC News anchor Cynthia McFadden, who interviewed Davis for “Nightline”.

“I’m not lying,” Davis said. ”[Bisexuality] does exist. For over 50 years I never had sex with a male. It wasn’t repressed. I had very good sexual relationships with women.”

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