Anderson Cooper Christopher Dorner

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper wasn’t expecting a package to arrive at his office, neatly addressed to him by the most wanted man in California.

The manila envelope arrived at Cooper’s office on Feb. 1, days before ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner went on a shooting rampage, killing 3 people and injuring 2 others.

Anderson Cooper Christopher Dorner

The package contained a letter, a DVD and a bullet-riddled souvenir coin of the type given out by the police chief.

The letter inside the package read, in part, “I never lied.”

The package is en route to the LAPD in California, where it will be carefully examined for fingerprints and other clues.

Cooper discussed the contents of the package on his show, Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees, with LAPD psychologist Kris Mohandie. The psychologist described Dorner as “narcissistic,” and.. a man who “feels victimized” and is looking to “inflict that on other people that he believes are to blame.”

Mohandie described Dorner’s actions as both “homicidal and suicidal,” but “he’s not crazy in the classic sense.”

“He’s not insane. He doesn’t have a serious mental illness like that,” said Mohandie. “This is a man who feels like he is justified in doing whatever he needs to do to get his message out there. He’s narcissistic.”

Dorner was fired from the LAPD for making false statements about other LAPD officers.

Meanwhile, the intense manhunt continues for Dorner who is still on the loose and is considered extremely dangerous.

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