Donald Trump and Tyler the Creator

Billionaire real estate developer must have thought his wallet was safe when a black kid with dreads approached and asked him for a photo backstage at the Jimmy Kimmel Show earlier this week. After all, gang bangers don’t usually hang out backstage at Jimmy Kimmel’s.

The Donald clearly had no clue who these guys were when he obliged the kid a photo — only to realize his error hours later when the photo went viral online.

Standing next to Trump in the photo is someone who calls himself “Yung Taco”, and there behind them is Odd Future front man Tyler the Creator — who insists he isn’t gay — rubbing his nipples and sticking his tongue out.

Tyler posted the above pic on his Instagram page (which he pretends is run by his “aunt”).

Under the pic is the caption “Donald musty ass”.

Once the photo started making its rounds via email blasts and social media, The Donald felt compelled to take to his Twitter page and explain to his followers that — despite how it looks — he’s really not down with the homies.

Donald Trump and Tyler the Creator

Donald Trump and Tyler the Creator

In another photo caption that will surely rankle the gay groups if they say it, Tyler writes: “I LOOK LIKE A FUCKING FAG GOT DAMN.” He then instructs his followers to watch a video on his Tumblr page.

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