Charges dropped against pimp Pimping charges were dropped against a Brooklyn man who was accused of forcing a 17-year-old girl into a life of prostitution in 2011, the NY Post reports.

The NY Post reports Robert Pannell, 36, was cleared of all charges of pimping and sex trafficking after prosecutors were alerted to an online ad offering the woman’s services in exchange for money.

“We discovered a problem with the credibility of the witness and brought it to the attention of the court,” said Brooklyn District Attorney spokesman Jerry Schmetterer.

“She’s still in business,” said defense attorney David Jacobs. “[Pannell] was very happy this morning when I told him the good news, that [his accuser] was a total liar.”

Jacobs said prosecutors also had information the girl worked as a prostitute before she met Pannell.

The girl originally accused Pannell of turning her out, saying she had never turned tricks before meeting him.

“I was too scared to leave,” Pannell’s accuser previously testified at Pannell’s trial. “I was with him only two weeks. I have been suffering from Bipolar disorder and anxiety since I was 14.”

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