Rachman and Raizel Glauber

The hit-and-run driver who killed an expectant mother, her husband and their newborn, served time in prison for the murder of rapper 50 Cent’s namesake, Kelvin “50 Cent” Martin, (left) the NY Post reports.

Kelvin Martin Julio Acevedo 50 Cent

Police are hunting for Julio Macevedo, 44, (center) who fled the scene of the 2-car accident in Cobble Hill Brooklyn that left expectant parents, Rachman Glauber and his seven-months-pregnant wife, Raizel, dead. Glauber and Raizel, both 21-year-old Hasidic jews, were on their way to the hospital after Raizel complained of not feeling well.

accident scene

Glauber hired a livery cab to transport them to the hospital around 12:30 a.m. Sunday. That’s when police say Acevedo, who was driving a BMW at twice the speed limit, slammed into the livery cab. The impact propelled the engine of the livery cab into the back seat.

The livery cab driver, Pedro Nunez Delacruz, (inset) who was knocked unconscious but survived the accident, was cited for driving his personal Toyota without a livery license.

Raizel was thrown from the cab, but she managed to cling to life at the hospital long enough for doctors to deliver her 3-pound baby. The newborn boy was too premature to survive. He died a day after his parents were buried.

Because the newborn did not live eight days, he was not named, a family member said. The infant was buried in a separate area of the cemetery from his parents.

Julio Acevedo

Acevedo (pictured above) was arrested for a DUI 2 weeks prior to the fatal accident. He also served 9 years in prison for the shooting death of the original “50 Cent” — a Brooklyn drug dealer named Kelvin Martin, who rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s named himself after.

A witness, Williamsburg photographer Shimon Gifter, told The Post he saw Acevedo return to the scene. Gifter took the man’s picture, which cops later confirmed was Acevedo.

“It was absolutely freezing, and this guy was wearing a sweater, smoking a cigarette. He looked very nervous,” Gifter said. “He just looked at the crash and went back the same way he came, up Kent Avenue. He just disappeared.”

Police believe Acevedo went to a friend’s apartment and then left the area. He lived in Brooklyn with his girlfriend, two children and two dogs, but neighbors said they hadn’t Acevedo since Saturday.

Takia Walker, 29, was arrested and charged with insurance fraud related to the BMW. A source told the Post Walker purchased the BMW under false pretenses or allowed someone to use her identity to purchase the car.

The BMW was later loaned or rented to Acevedo.

“The best thing for this coward is to charge him with triple homicide — and we are going to demand that,” said community leader Isaac Abraham.

“The only thing I can say is, unfortunately, this little 3-pound-boy would have been at least an umbilical cord for the family to remember the couple. And even that was torn away for them,” Abraham told The Post.