Skylar Diggins has fans

I admit I didn’t know who Skylar Diggins was until rapper Lil Wayne started lusting after her on his Twitter page last year.

Instead of being totally grossed out by a gremlin lusting after her, Diggins was actually flattered by the attention.

Anyway, I had no idea how loyal (and rude) Diggins’ fans were (I didn’t even know she had fans). One irate fan was so incensed by yesterday’s post on Skylar bragging about her gift from Jay Z that she emailed me a nasty letter.

The letter tickled me because the fan assumes that I give a rat’s a** that Diggins has a new Mercedes Benz. My 2004 Jetta may not be sitting on dubs, but it’s paid for.

Read the email after the break.

Date: Wed, 22 May 2013 01:27AM EDT
From: tiffiany judd
Subject: hating on Skylar

Ok so of course we already know that black people in general have a hard time getting recognized for their good works. So I think it is very tasteless of you to bash Skylar because she acknowledges and appreciates the gift no matter the price that was given to her for her hard work that has obviously paid off. People like you who are unhappy with their own lives and feed on the need to degrade others always get no where fast. You seem upset that she received the Benz…I mean since you were quick to advise that it was on a “C” class and only cost 35k then you should just hop your tasteless a$$ up and go get one. I say hats off to the young lady and as for you sweetie \_ take a seat. Tacky, hating, ignorant A$$

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