Paul Walker and Roger Rodas

Several readers took issue with my write up on the death of actor Paul Walker, 40, who was incinerated along with a friend in a single car crash in California on Saturday. Officials are investigating to determine if Roger Rodas, 38, was drag racing when his $450K Porsche Carrera GT hit a pole and a tree and burst into flames.

But this email from former reader Tiffany Coleman was especially vile and vindictive. She writes:

Tell me, how much of your blog money do you donate to anyone or anything? I am sure you make a nice set of change too but not because you are such a stellar writer (because you really are not) but because of your Rose Garden...I am sure that THEY know were it not for their commentary I and countless others surely would have stopped coming to your site long ago.

Tiffany is blissfully ignorant of my generosity to my readers. I have given away countless high end bags, shoes and accessories. I have paid rent and car notes for my readers. Not to mention the thousands of dollars worth of gift cards I paid for out of my own pocket, and the Christmas shopping sprees for kids.

But this is not about my benevolence and generosity. Let us take a moment to remember the victims in Sunday's deadly NY commuter train accident. Those innocent victims were not drag racing in a half million dollar sports car. They were just trying to get home to their families. Rest in peace.

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Former reader Stanley McNeal writes:

Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2013
From: Stanley McNeal (
To: Sandra Rose
Subject: Your Anti-gay messages

I hate to see a person that's apart of the Gay community using their platform to discredit the hardworking Americans that's currently fighting for equal rights in this country by labeling it the "gay agenda". How big is the paycheck you receiving from Anti-gay groups? I hope their check makes you sleep at night. I lived long enough to know, that all the negative things you do in life will always come back on you, Karma will hit you so hard you won't even see it coming.

I use to be fan of your blog, But I made the decision to not visit your website anymore. You seriously have an issue with the gay community, and you need to diagnose this problem within yourself just like you diagnose the "issues" of the celebrities you frequently write about. Are you prefect? or are you a narcissist too?

Peace Out Sandra...

SR responds: Good riddance, Stanley.

And loyal reader Chakita writes:

Good Afternoon/Evening/Morning Ms. Rose,

I enjoy your website immensely and enjoy reading it (and the comments from your readers, lol). As a Floridian, I appreciate the support and attention you have brought to the Trayvon Martin case. But, I really don't want anyone to forget about Jordan Davis, the young man who was senselessly murdered at a Jacksonville gas station because his music was "threatening". Along with Kendrick Johnson, who was found rolled up in a mat in his high school gym in Valdosta but, his death has been ruled as "accidental" (btw,you can Google his death picture but, be warned, it is gruesome).

Please encourage your readers especially those in Florida and Georgia to continue the fight for justice for Trayvon Martin, but please don't forget Jordan Davis and Kendrick Johnson.

Thank you.

Skylar Diggins has fans

I admit I didn't know who Skylar Diggins was until rapper Lil Wayne started lusting after her on his Twitter page last year.

Instead of being totally grossed out by a gremlin lusting after her, Diggins was actually flattered by the attention.

Anyway, I had no idea how loyal (and rude) Diggins' fans were (I didn't even know she had fans). One irate fan was so incensed by yesterday's post on Skylar bragging about her gift from Jay Z that she emailed me a nasty letter.

The letter tickled me because the fan assumes that I give a rat's a** that Diggins has a new Mercedes Benz. My 2004 Jetta may not be sitting on dubs, but it's paid for.

Read the email after the break.

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It feels like 2008 all over again.

Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2012
Subject: It's Over

Not sure of your reason for trying to sway voters....Maybe you work for the ROMNEY campaign. But clearly if a respected site like CNN states OBAMA CLEARLY WON, why are you saying otherwise?? Nevertheless, sites like yours and many others, are in need of removal. I am pushing and praying that your site be destroyed with the rest of the demons. Thank you.

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